[FIX] SMTPClient-fix ([er][approved])

dway at riskmetrics.com dway at riskmetrics.com
Fri Jun 13 05:01:10 UTC 2003

(Also apparently co-written by Markus Gaelli and Michael Rueger.)

< I'm a bug-fixing machine! >

The BugFixArchiveViewer is a handy tool that makes it easy to comment on
proposed fixes and enhancements for Squeak.  The BugFixArchiveViewer
enables you to browse the Bug Fixes Archive, evaluate the changeset(s)
for a given post, and correctly post a comment to the Bug Fixes Archive
-- all from within the Squeak image.

	Bug Fixes Archive on the Web -> http://swiki.gsug.org/sqfixes

	Guidelines for reporting bugs and fixes ->

	Do-it for installing the BugFixArchiveViewer from SqueakMap:

		{  '8f502bf8-63bf-43e4-9b85-ec7870ceebac'.
'0a52d654-0b9a-4e1d-abfa-ce8d0f320cfb'. }
			do: [ :uuid | SMSqueakMap default installPackageWithId: uuid ].

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