Westwood theme related question

Scott Wallace scott.wallace at squeakland.org
Sat Jun 14 00:12:12 UTC 2003

Yes, it's normal.  Westwood approximates the look & feel of the 
Squeakland plug-in image, in which a click on open desktop does *not* 
bring up a menu.

Three ways to get the world menu put after having set the theme to 
westwood are:

(1)  Hit cmd-shift-W.

(2)  Bring  up the world's halo, and from its red halo menu choose 
"desktop  menu..."

(3)  Hit "esc" while the desktop has keyboard focus, or hit shift-esc 
regardless of who has keyboard focus.


   -- Scott

At 10:17 PM +0200 6/13/03, Stephane Ducasse wrote:
>Is it normal that I cannot get anymore the world menu when I choose 
>the westwood theme?

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