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Tim Rowledge tim at
Sat Jun 14 00:30:58 UTC 2003

Sean Charles <bibbers at> wrote:

> I couldn't agree more! Personally I can't understand why touch screens 
> aren't de rigeur.
A touchscreen with a typical monitor would be a dreadful ergonomic
situation; lifting your hand ~8-12" on a regular basis woudl be a
serious strain over a working day. A monitor 'set into' a desk might be
better but then the neck angle for viewing it would be bad.

A tablet works if it is a suitable weight to hold in a way that gets a
combination of reading angle and writing position, something that is
unlikely to occur until the tablets are less than 500g or so. Current
tabletPC macines are possibly the best try yet but weigh far too much,
are far too slow at following the pen with the cursor and they have M$
software on them. And they cost a fortune.

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