[Q] How to build a new image from scratch

Lic. Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at yahoo.com.ar
Sat Jun 14 08:10:40 UTC 2003

>> This gizmo are working.
>> I wish do same more clean.
>Edgar you really ought to get involved in the Squat project that Craig
>is leading. 300kb image including the code to communicate with another
>system (so that it can remotely manipulate the 'victim' iamge).

>I'm also working on an approach to generating an image from a bunch of
>fileouts. It's slow going because I spend too much time on VMMaker but
>it is making progress.

I really thanks your reply.

I write Craig once from Hannes Hirzel advice to do so.

I read all your published stuff in your page and minnow.

My problem is.

I'm playing with Squeak for two years now, learning to same time something
of all things related.

I programming only in Pascal on the Mac before that.

That is why I having trouble for compiling LittleSmalltalk on Mac (Seems me
if I could do that, learn something on how to build image)
I also play with SystemTracer, but until now not could produce a new image
with writeClone: aDict, aDict having previously populated with classes I
wish to keep.

I'm toying too with Daniel's Analysis tool, and having a bet what a really
minimal system must have the attached 343 classes

    | inputStream ver sinNil actualClass |
    inputStream _ ReferenceStream fileNamed: 'informe'.
    ver _ inputStream next.
    inputStream close.
    sinNil _ ver asOrderedCollection.
    [^ sinNil]

When Craig answer me , he said I must to know how to use his tool for run
one image from inside Squeak.
In this moment , Craig's tool only work for 2.7 and I need work on 3.4 and
I download when he post new version, but could't go more what seeing remote
image picture in command image.

So, you see me point.

Knowing how to do some things what others say are "magic'.

Don't have enough background like all rest of Squeakers.

I hope not take too much time to you, and appreciate all

1 Do this..

2 Then ...

3 Finally you ...



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