Update servers

Benoit St-Jean bstjean at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 14 15:47:22 UTC 2003

Hi guys,

I am running Squeak on a Win2K station and thought it
would be time to get some updates (help -> update code
from server).  To my surprise, I couldn't retrieve any
update because "all code update servers seem to be
unavailable".  Is there something wrong with the
servers or I have to get the updates from SqueakMap
somehow now?

Here some system info: 

Squeak 3.5
Latest Update: 5180

VM info:
Squeak 3.4.4/Tea 1.9 VM (release) from Apr 26 2003
Compiler: gcc 2.95.2 19991024 (release)


Benoit St-Jean
Yahoo! Messenger: bstjean
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