[FIX] BoundsInHaloFix3-nk

ned at bike-nomad.com ned at bike-nomad.com
Fri Jun 13 20:32:35 UTC 2003

from preamble:

"Change Set:		BoundsInHaloFix3-nk
Date:			13 June 2003
Author:			Ned Konz

13 June: combined change sets; made sure that halo wasn't drawing
outside of its bounds.

This fixes the problems with halos drawing outside their bounds and not
being deletable when the showBoundsInHalo Preference is turned on.

This should be used instead of my 12 May fix (though it includes it), as
the prior fix resulted in errant drawing in some cases.

The following things work:
* dismiss handle
* recolor
* balloon help on halo handles
* no drawing gribblies

It has been checked out by Scott Wallace.
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