Opening a .PICT file in Squeak 3.5

Richard A. O'Keefe ok at
Wed Jun 18 04:19:21 UTC 2003

I noted that Squeak 3.5 couldn't open anything on a Zip disc.
Ned Konz <ned at> asked:
	Hmm... Wonder why that is. What version of the VM are you using?
Squeak 3.5.0b4 Classic
is what I see in the menu bar.

	What happens when you try to open the file read-only, like:
	FileDirectory readOnlyFileNamed: 'Zip Disk:Fred'
	or whatever it's called?

(a) The code that couldn't open the file _was_ trying to open it read-only,
    and the ZIP-disc is not write-protected.

(b) What happens in Squeak 3.5#5180 when I ask
    FileDirectory readOnlyFileNamed: 'ZIP-100:frags.gif'
    is a MessageNotUnderstood error.
    Did you mean

        (FileDirectory on: 'ZIP-100') readOnlyFileNamed: 'frags.gif' ???

    ==> pops up "frags.gif does not exist/choose another name/cancel"

    Or did you mean

	FileStream readOnlyFileNamed: 'ZIP-100:frags.gif' ???

    which gives the same answer?

It doesn't seem to matter which or what sort of file I choose.
If it's on the Zip disc, Squeak can't open it, although everything
else I've tried _can_.  If I copy it to the hard disc, Squeak _can_
open it.  (But of course, not display it.)

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