Pending Mac 3.5.1b5 VM.

John M McIntosh johnmci at
Mon Jun 23 06:23:47 UTC 2003

I've a macintosh 3.5.1b5 VM here that that supports:

The ability to type (or not type) into a floating window, something  
missing in the 3.5.1b4 VM.
The ability to display or not display the window title (which is the  
image name).
The ability not to be hidden when Quicktime or the DVD player goes into  
full screen mode when we are a floating window.
The ability to raise the ceiling of memory allocation above 512MB. The  
maximum due to interesting virtual memory allocation patterns and  
Virtual Machine usage issues seems to be about 1GB under optimal  

As usual early adopters can email me for an early copy so I can ensure  
these features work

I will point out some of these features are os-x only. It seems at this  
version number and given Apple's  expectations for os-x it's time to  
introduce os-x only features and 'perhaps' forgo os-8/9 compatibility  
for  some of these behaviours. However I will take comments on this  
action, but for example I'm not  sure how floating windows with  
keyboard input would work in os 8.5?

John M. McIntosh <johnmci at> 1-800-477-2659
Corporate Smalltalk Consulting Ltd.

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