[UPDATES] 3.4 is now final

Doug Way dway at riskmetrics.com
Mon Mar 3 04:49:54 UTC 2003

Hello all, 3.4 is now finalized!

I just issued an update offering the choice of moving a 3.4gamma image 
to 3.4, or to 3.5alpha.  (Technically, the choice was already offered 
in an earlier update when 3.4gamma was created, but since the two 
update streams contain the same fixes, I offered the choice again.)

A 3.4 final image/changes/readme .zip file is available on the ftp 
site, here:


Please give this a quick test if you have a chance, just to make sure 
there are no major problems with the image.  A major problem roughly 
meaning: any significant problem which was *not* in 3.4gammaOne.

This image should be identical to 3.4gammaOne, except for incorporating 
the last update (5170), and some content changes in the Welcome... 
window, which were discussed on the SqF list (on Feb. 4 & 8).

The 3.4 release is still not complete in the sense that the squeak.org 
downloads page has not been updated to point to the appropriate 3.4 
bundles.  When that is done, that will be the true "release date" for 
3.4.  Allowing a few days to make sure there are no major problems with 
this image, and also to create the release bundles with VMs, I think we 
should shoot for updating squeak.org in 3-4 days.

Anyway, I'd like to thank Scott Wallace for spending time helping me 
get the update stream going, and with all of the release details.  And, 
of course, thanks to all of SqC for "releasing" Squeak to the Guides 
and the community at large!

- Doug Way

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