Telnet and TrueTypeTextStyle

Ned Konz ned at
Sat May 10 15:48:45 UTC 2003

On Saturday 10 May 2003 03:50 am, Steve Elkins wrote:
> >   #maxWidth is also tricky...  If possible, I'd recommend to
> > avoid it.
> I guess you say this for the same reason you comment on #widthOf:
> and since I don't understand that, I don't understand this.
>  Usually I am a mere font user, and that only as a reader, but I
> had just run into the Telnet/TrueTypeTextStyle package conflict
> when Diego asked about #maxWidth.

I'd also recommend against maxWidth. The problem in the TTC stuff is 
that there is a cache, and characters seem to be only generated on 
demand. So without rendering the whole font you can't tell the max 

I've changed my own code in NCLabelMorph to use the TextMorph's own 

Ned Konz

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