[ANN][GOODIE] Taskbar now available on SqueakMap

ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Mon Nov 10 21:03:12 UTC 2003

Hi david

you should also have a look of the Dock bar that Jim Benson (I remember 
that this is him)
did in 2.8 this was quite cool.


On Lundi, nov 10, 2003, at 21:57 Europe/Zurich, 
shaffer-squeak at cs.westminster.edu wrote:

> This is a pre-release of a fairly trivial taskbar morph.  BE CAREFUL
> loading this filein: It mucks with SystemWindow's collapseOrExpand
> method so make sure you don't have any collapsed windows before you
> load it or you won't be able to expand them without first restoring
> the old version of that method.  The reason it is a pre-release is I
> haven't bothered with the following:
>  . automatic creation of a global flap
>  . pre/postload code to take care of collapse problem (above)
> If there's interest I'll take the time to figure these things out.
> David Shaffer
> cdshaffer at acm.org

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