[ANN] Squeak/.NET bridge

Benjamin Schroeder benschroeder at acm.org
Tue Sep 16 01:37:29 UTC 2003

On Monday, September 15, 2003, at 11:57  AM, Andreas Raab wrote:

> Hi Ben,
> Thanks for the info. It seems to me that a good start may be to take 
> the
> Ruby version and simply access it using the Squeak FFI. This way would 
> allow
> to keep most of the development effort focused in one place.

Hi Andreas,

Thanks - that sounds like a good approach.  (The bad news is, some of 
the Ruby version code is specific to marshaling things in and out of 
Ruby.  The good news is, some of it's not, and certainly all of the 
code behind that isn't!)

I'm not sure whether to use FFI or a plugin - it looks like FFI would 
be easier to get started with but I might end up wanting a plugin 
later.  I did have some success trying simple examples with both today 
- so that's good at any rate. :)

Ben Schroeder

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