[ANN] Chronology Package on Squeak Map v1.2

Ingo Hohmann uysl0l402 at sneakemail.com
Thu Sep 25 12:31:53 UTC 2003

Hi Brent,

Brent Pinkney wrote:
> Hi,
>> Week startDay: #Monday
>> Week nameOfDay: 1    --> #Sunday
>> Week startDay        --> #Monday
>> shouldn't the last two statements both evaluate to #Monday?
> I am not sure.
> The ANSI standard for the DateAndTime protocol reads:
> So I deliberately implemented Week>>nameOfDay: to satisfy the standard.

I see ... and I understand now why ANSI is dubbed broken.

Actually, I don't see a point in setting WeekStart, if it
isn't used afterwards, but maybe that's just me ...

Kind regards,


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