300.000 copies of Squeak 3.5 in German computer journal c't

Markus Gaelli gaelli at emergent.de
Tue Sep 30 11:05:07 UTC 2003


just to let you know, that on the CD of the actual edition of the
German Computer Journal c't , which has a print run of about 300.000 
one can find Squeak 3.5-5180 bundled for Mac (VM 3.5.0Beta4), 
and Windows (?, but the one you would expect...).

They promised to, but in the end did not put the plugin version and the 
version, which Marcus provided also - we don't know why.
Maybe not enough space, maybe to complicated to put in their raster,
but we should not complain too loud ;-)

People will tend to keep the CD, as there is also a nice version of
Knoppix on it, a bootable mini linux useful for data rescue,
virus- and network analysis...

Marcus and Markus

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