Lothar Schenk lothar.schenk at
Sun Apr 4 11:14:04 UTC 2004

Craig Latta wrote:
> Hi Lothar--
> > ...has anybody ever considered the possibility of splitting up a
> > Smalltalk system at the image level? It is, a Smalltalk system should
> > be comprised of multiple images, not just one.
> 	Yes, I think that would be an interesting thing enabled by having
> minimal snapshots. One application that comes to mind is a distributed
> object database.

I think Squat is what gave me this idea, in the first place. :) It seems to 
me, that the "one image" philosophy is historically so entrenched and 
seemingly so natural by constant reiteration, that it prevents many people 
from thinking outside of this particular 'box'. I believe we should revisit 
our fundamental premises from time to time and see if they still hold, lest 
we miss new opportunities.

Regards, Lothar

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