EPS export strangeness

John Pfersich jp1660 at att.net
Thu Jan 1 06:21:46 UTC 2004

I haven't done ps programming recently  and I'd have to drag out the books
to answer some of your questions, but here's some answers.

>I'm trying to get the Postscript export working for my Connectors
>documentation. I have fixed a couple of problems with the Bezier drawing
>(like using eofill rather than fill), and am now attacking the polygon
>drawing and filling.
>However, I'm a bit puzzled about a few things (note that I really am NOT a
>Postscript programmer):
>- The bounding box in the EPS output is too small by the 10x10 offset that is
>added, so the right edge of the printed Morph is clipped, and the morph is
>not centered in the resultant bbox.
>- For some reason,
>draws an "inset border" on all filled, bordered rectangles -- even if the
>border style isn't inset! Is this *really* what we want? Wouldn't it make
>more sense to try to reproduce the *actual* style of the border?
>- When exporting a Morph as Postscript, we use an extension of '.eps' even
>when not writing a valid EPS file (however, the file is much closer to a
>valid EPS file if you set the postscriptStoredAsEPS preference). Perhaps we
>should use a '.ps' extension when not writing an EPS.
>- EPS files aren't supposed to do 'showpage', but we put one at the end of
>file. Should we?
>And we go to some lengths to redefine showpage so it's bracketed with a gsave/
>grestore. Why?
>/_showpageSqueak /showpage load def
>/showpage { gsave _showpageSqueak grestore } bind def

you want to save the current graphics state  before you work on the
section of the page that you are describing so that you can set it back to
the base settings with the grestore
>- EPS files aren't supposed to mess with global drawing state settings.
>However, we do this:
>[ currenttransfer /exec cvx 1.2 /exp cvx ] cvx bind  settransfer

again this only affects the current graphics state so that you'd have to
put it in each .EPS  file you'd want is to be effect for

>which appears (to me) to be changing the gamma.
>But what happens if you have several of these .EPS files in a single
>Won't the transfer function then be changed by each one of these?
>And anyway, isn't the gamma *really* device-dependent? How would we know how
>much gamma correction to use if we don't know what devices they're viewing
>the original and the Postscript on? It's not like we can assume they're
>viewing the original on a Mac and printing on a LaserWriter, after all...
>- We don't provide a preview image for the EPS, which makes it harder to
>actually *use* the EPS files in something like a word processor.

the preview's usually  just a bitmap  image. lots of times there's no
preview, though it does make them more interesting to use...

>Has anyone done any work with the Postscript output recently?

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