SmallWiki and Images

Lukas Renggli renggli at
Thu Jan 1 19:42:53 UTC 2004

>>> Is there a way to have embedded images in a SmallWiki page? All I 
>>> seem to be able to do is to set up a link to the image.
>> yes this is the way to go: simply create a link from your wiki-page 
>> to the resource and the image should be inlined automatically. As an
>> example you might want to check out this page:
>> sureshockwriters/
> Hm.  That shows a link to *ssw-image* as if it were a wiki page - is  
> there some way to upload and name an image, then?

Yes, but as it points to a resource it is rendered differently according 
to its mime-type: that means if it is an image an <img>, if it is a 
movie an <object>, etc. is emitted.

When creating a new link *The New Image* to a non existant structure in 
SmallWiki at first the link doesn't point to anything. However on the 
html-page a list with all the possible structures (depending of the 
security configuration for the current user not all possibliites might 
be shown) will be rendered and the user can choose what he wants to 
point this link to. In the given example one would click on 'Resource' 
and an upload-dialog will be presented where the user specifies the file 
to upload. When hitting ok, a new resource named 'The New Image' is 
created and the user is brought back to the original page displaying now 
the image now inlined.

> As for the original question, you can always directly put in an 
> <img> tag...

It is of course possible to use any html-tags and static urls, but bear 
in mind that the link will break if you rename or move the target. Some 
students here at Bern have written a plugin that detects such defects, 
but I don't know about the status of it. Personally I prefer SmallWiki 
links, because they are updated automatically if you rename or move the 


Lukas Renggli

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