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Fri Jan 2 11:35:21 UTC 2004

ye juan <yejuan_1204 at> asked:
>    Happy new year!
>    I start to develop applications in Squeak, but I am
> not familar with its GUI. When I put more than one
> pluggableTextMorph in a window, how can I confirm
> these different ones. For example, there are a list
> and three texts: one for displaying the name of a
> selected one in the list, one for displaying the id
> when the button "ID" is pressed, and another for
> inputting. 
> (1)How I define the second text:(When the button "ID"
> is not pressed, the second text is hoped to display
> nothing.)
>       idText:= PluggableTextMorph on:self
>               text:???
>               accept:nil
>               readSelection:nil
>               menu:nil. 

Every text morph should have its own selector to
access its display text. So you may have
#text1, #text2, #text3 for three text fields.

> (2) How I record the value users input in the third
> text:
>       inputText:= PluggableTextMorph on:self
>               text:???
>               accept:???
>               readSelection:nil
>               menu:nil. 
The argument of 'accept' is a selector that 
takes two arguments: e.g. #accept:from:
The first argument is the string that is displayed
by the morph, the second argument is the morph itself.
The method is *required* to answer a boolean value:
true to accept the text or false to refuse acceptance.

>     Additionally, if you have any projects or codes
> related to such situations, please send to me. Thanks!
Attached you find a small demo that may help you
getting started. Please have a look at the comments
in the methods. 

Regards, Boris 
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