Computing heading

Lex Spoon lex at
Sun Jan 4 19:59:26 UTC 2004

Jack Johnson <fragment at> wrote:
> I was messing around with EToys and grabbed an arrow morph and a couple  
> of ellipses and wanted to have the arrow morph automatically place  
> itself between the two ellipses and point from one to the other.
> The placement was easy, but I had trouble computing the heading.  I did  
> come across a formula used for computing a bearing based on two map  
> coordinates:

EToys doesn't have to use coordinates....  You can tell a morph to point
to another morph.

Hmm, actually, you can't do that exactly.  But you can tell a morph to
*move toward* another morph.  So try moving it to right place, telling
it to move toward the other morph, and then moving it back to the right
place again.


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