MaskedForm ?

Lex Spoon lex at
Sun Jan 4 21:23:25 UTC 2004

I tweaked the comment in Form, and noticed a reference to MaskedForm. 
What is this?  It seems to be gone at this point.  DisplayObject has no
subclass that looks like a masked form, and searching for "mask" only
turns up CursorWithMask.

What should the comment of BitBlt say, instead of referring to this
non-existing class?

The part of BitBlt that is in question is:  "Colors can be remapped at
the same depth.  Sometimes a Form is in terms of colors that are not the
standard colors for this depth, for example in a GIF file.  Convert the
Form to a MaskedForm and send colorMap: the list of colors that the
picture is in terms of.  MaskedForm will use the colorMap when copying
to the display or another Form. (Note also that a Form can be copied to
itself, and transformed in the process, if a non-nil colorMap is


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