[ENH][TEST] ClassBuilder format tests

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Sun Jan 4 22:24:12 UTC 2004

> No tearDown is run after each tests. I was forced to extend SUnit to
> provide the behavior you describe because our test suite was taking
> too much time, so I'm really sure about this behavior. In fact setUp
> and tearDown are always run before and after each tests because they
> control the context.

Really? When I did it (originally and just now) I'm getting failures in the
tests. I don't know what the problem is but apparently something goes wrong
here. You can try for yourself by moving the cleanup to tearDown and make
cleanup empty.

> Noury started to rewrite completely the classbuilder but he got glued
> into teaching and other less fun activities.

Without writing tests first? That's going to be ... shall we say ...
"interesting". The many invariants of ClassBuilder aren't well (if at all)
documented and while it isn't a large corpus of code to deal with, some of
it is VERY subtle - just look at ClassBuilder>>update:to: which has ten
times as much comments as it has code (for good reasons).

  - Andreas

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