[FIX] Re: Can't abandon sources

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Mon Jan 5 00:13:32 UTC 2004

> > Any ideas anyone?
> We saw this bug  in Squreak 3.2.
> Eric Scharff reported it at Aug 07, 2002.
> I answered the problem analysis that you find below.
> (A poposed fix changed the format of  compiled
> methods. This is *very* dangerous and we decided not
> to include that into the image. Attached you find
> that problematic fix again. It will *not* work in
> Squeak 3.7 alpha, but it can be used in Squeak 3.6 #5424)

So why not signal a warning and let the user decide if to proceed? Seems to
me that many people won't be overly concerned with loosing a few temp names
in methods that cannot be compressed accordingly. Attached is a fix that
warns about the problem and gives three choices to proceed:
- Abort operation and keep original sources
- Proceed and replace temps with t1 ... tN
- Proceed and do not warn again

  - Andreas

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