[FIX] Re: Can't abandon sources

Jim Rosenberg jr at amanue.com
Mon Jan 5 03:10:44 UTC 2004

> So why not signal a warning and let the user decide if to proceed? Seems
> to me that many people won't be overly concerned with loosing a few temp
> names in methods that cannot be compressed accordingly. Attached is a fix
> that warns about the problem and gives three choices to proceed:
> - Abort operation and keep original sources
> - Proceed and replace temps with t1 ... tN
> - Proceed and do not warn again

Sorry to say, got a walkback (attached) when I tried to filein this fix.

It begins:

Error: subscript is out of bounds: 0
4 January 2004 10:06:57 pm

VM: Mac OS - Squeak3.6gamma of '11 September 2003' [latest update: #5420] 
Squeak VM 3.6.1b5
Image: Squeak3.6 [latest update: #5424]

	Receiver: #(#xBinary #xBinary #xBinary #xBinary #xBinary #xBinary

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