GOODS commit performance

Vaidas Didzbalis vaidasd at
Mon Jan 5 09:57:55 UTC 2004

Hi Avi,
 >Try grabbing a new connection right after your large commit, and you 
should see much better numbers.
Ok, after commit,  opened new workspace and measured lookup speed. It 
takes 8 sec. How quickly get little piece of information, change it, and 
submit changes?

db := KKDatabase onHost: '' port: 6100.
root := db root.
nt _ root at: #NumbersTable .
"lookup speed"
[element _ nt at: 777777] timeToRun  <8061>.

BTW, how to reply to a message in this newsgroup, to post new, I send 
email to squeak-dev at, but what to do when I 
want to reply?

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