List of pending items to review and finalize

Boris Gaertner Boris.Gaertner at
Mon Jan 5 18:11:46 UTC 2004

From: ducasse <ducasse at>
> Hi all
> I spent some time browsing and clean the pending items to get harvested.
> I think that this is important to finish some of the pending items
> under review:
> Can you please help to get rid of the following items: review them tell
> us your point of view

> - [BUG][FIX] CondenseSources uses wrong file name [sm]
> Boris could check if your fix is still necessary with the changes
> that tim did recently?
I think you refer to the change set  that Tim posted
at Dec 16, 2003.

I looked at it, it contains useful stuff, but it does not modify
condensation of sources. it also does not remove the class variable
SourceFileVersionString from SystemDictionary.
The fix that I proposed at Dec 06 is still needed and it is completely
independent from Tims work.
> And resubmit a new fix if necessary this would be good to clean this.
I resubmit it under the subject title
Re: [BUG][FIX] CondenseSources uses wrong file name [sm]


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