New to Squeak

Adrian Cooper - Weft Hand adrian at
Mon Jan 5 18:54:32 UTC 2004

Hi all,

I hope this is the right place for my questions?  I apologise in advance if
it is not.  I am new to programming, I have dabbled with php server side
scripting and Liberty Basic.  Next month I am due to start a 9 month course
with the Open University, "M206 - Computing: An Object Oriented Approach"
The language we will be using is Smalltalk.  I am just about getting my head
around the whole OOP concept, but still have a way to go.

I downloaded Squeak a couple of weeks ago (ver 3.6) and I am utterly
fascinated by it but also find the interface and the myriad of tools a bit
daunting.  I have been playing with it, but seem to be getting nowhere very
fast.  My questions are:

Are there any good tutorials on the web about Squeak 3.6, assuming that the
user has little or no programming experience?

Are there any good books about Squeak that could be recommended?

Are there any mailing lists or forums specifically for Squeak novices?

Are the attachments from the list updates?  If so, how do I use them?  Do
they pertain to ver 3.6.

I have used Google, but Getting hold of specific Squeak information is a bit
hit and miss.  I really would like to learn a lot more about Squeak, any
help would be appreciated.

Kind regards

Adrian Cooper

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