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Raymond Asselin raymondasselin at
Mon Jan 5 19:23:02 UTC 2004

> My questions are:
> Are there any good tutorials on the web about Squeak 3.6, assuming that 
> the
> user has little or no programming experience?


> Are there any good books about Squeak that could be recommended?

> Are there any mailing lists or forums specifically for Squeak novices?

This one is the place.

> Are the attachments from the list updates?  If so, how do I use them?  

Usually they will be part of updates for a futur version if they are 'harvested'
(verified and accepted).
You can usually retrieve them (when approved) within Squeak with
World menu/help/update code from server.

> Do
> they pertain to ver 3.6.

In general, no because ver 3.6 is 'closed', it is the official release. Most of the
updates or for 3.7 alpha.  You retrieve them by the World menu as explained but within
a 3.7 alpha version of Squeak.

> I have used Google, but Getting hold of specific Squeak information is a 
> bit
> hit and miss.  I really would like to learn a lot more about Squeak, any
> help would be appreciated. and
are the first places.

Don't forget to search the swiki at minnow for everything you need

You'll find books about Smalltalk at:

Welcome to Squeak
and don't be shy to ask.


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