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ducasse ducasse at
Mon Jan 5 19:46:50 UTC 2004

On 5 janv. 04, at 20:23, Raymond Asselin wrote:

>> Are the attachments from the list updates?  If so, how do I use them?
> Usually they will be part of updates for a futur version if they are 
> 'harvested'
> (verified and accepted).
> You can usually retrieve them (when approved) within Squeak with
> World menu/help/update code from server.
>> Do
>> they pertain to ver 3.6.
> In general, no because ver 3.6 is 'closed', it is the official 
> release. Most of the
> updates or for 3.7 alpha.  You retrieve them by the World menu as 
> explained but within
> a 3.7 alpha version of Squeak.

But in general as a novice do not bother to use an alpha version, there 
are enough stuff to
master in a stable version. Just wait that people stabilize a new 
version :).

You can find some columns on Squeak also on my web page


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