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Mon Jan 5 23:39:13 UTC 2004

from preamble:

"Change Set:		overlappingPlayer
Date:			6 January 2004
Author:			Markus Gaelli

I showed a good friend of mine (a teacher) how to program space invaders
completely with Etoys.
You can try out the result here:


We used the common seesColor trick for the collision-detection, but we
found it difficult to determine which UFO was hit by our laser, so I
leveraged the existing Smalltalk Method called Morph >>

to a tile in miscellaneous called: overlappingPlayer in Etoys.
Did we overlook some other way to find out with Etoys which of the UFOS
have been hit by our shot?

If not, should be put it to miscellaneous? Is it a problem that we only
return one of
possible many overlapped players? Is there a better name than
Should I send the changeset? Done... :-)
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