[Squeakland] Q: Leverage Overlapping Player to Etoys?

Markus Gaelli gaelli at emergent.de
Mon Jan 5 23:43:26 UTC 2004

Hi Ned,

thanks for the quick answer.
>> Did we overlook some other way to find out with Etoys which of the 
>> have been hit by our shot?
> Well, there's the colorSees: test.
Ahm, yes, but the idea is to give a link to the specific player where 
the color was seen...
>> If not, should be put it to miscellaneous?
>> Is it a problem that we only
>> return one of possible many overlapped players?
> How would you return more than one?
Exactly. I just don't like the fact that my overlappingPlayer tile is 
kind of suggesting
that there is only one player which could be overlapped.
> I've been thinking about making a CollectionPlayer that can apply 
> commands and
> slot setters to its members; if we had one of these it could be 
> returned.
> However, there's a problem with slot getters, and with the display of 
> such a
> collection (what should it look like if it's visible?).
I think this approach is worth a try: Go for it...
>> Should I send the changeset?
> Of course, though it may be of more interest to squeak-dev
>> Another question: How do you destroy Players with Etoys? Is there
>> something there and hidden?

> You could do
> 	theBomb doMenuItem: 'delete'
Yes, thanks, this one should do the trick...



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