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On 05/01/04 15:54, "Adrian Cooper - Weft Hand" <adrian at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I hope this is the right place for my questions?  I apologise in advance if
> it is not.  I am new to programming, I have dabbled with php server side
> scripting and Liberty Basic.  Next month I am due to start a 9 month course
> with the Open University, "M206 - Computing: An Object Oriented Approach"
> The language we will be using is Smalltalk.  I am just about getting my head
> around the whole OOP concept, but still have a way to go.
> I downloaded Squeak a couple of weeks ago (ver 3.6) and I am utterly
> fascinated by it but also find the interface and the myriad of tools a bit
> daunting.  I have been playing with it, but seem to be getting nowhere very
> fast.  My questions are:
> Are there any good tutorials on the web about Squeak 3.6, assuming that the
> user has little or no programming experience?
> Are there any good books about Squeak that could be recommended?
> Are there any mailing lists or forums specifically for Squeak novices?
> Are the attachments from the list updates?  If so, how do I use them?  Do
> they pertain to ver 3.6.
> I have used Google, but Getting hold of specific Squeak information is a bit
> hit and miss.  I really would like to learn a lot more about Squeak, any
> help would be appreciated.
> Kind regards
> Adrian Cooper

You get now excellent advices on books and Internet material, and sure this
list are the most helpful with all . is a place where you could find material
about Mark Guzdial courses.
And his books still are the only Squeak specific (until some list member
I have a Spanish group in and
tutorials  in
Most material is in Spanish , but some members can understand English (not
as bad as me).

Most members are not qualified long time programmers , only students like

I said start little and grow, plan some simple game and do it in Squeak.
And what you get in trouble, email again.

Because you open the Pandora box, enjoy hope.


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