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Tue Jan 6 15:53:29 UTC 2004

On Tuesday 06 January 2004 3:07 am, ye juan wrote:
> Thank you for your reply! But I know the steps you
> tell. here I detail this. I create two classes to
> represent the two windows: Query and Display. In the
> window "Query", there is a button "queryStart", and
> when it is pressed, another window "Display" opens.
> queryStart
>   ...
>   Display createWindow.?
>   (Display open: aCollection)?.
> in Display, a selector "display:aCollection" is used
> to display the results. however, a selector
> "createWindow" is used to construct the window frame.
> So the problem is that the two selectors can not be
> used together.
>  Please tell me how to transmit the arguments as the
> window is created.

I guess I don't understand what you're doing.

Are you using Squeak?

Are you using Morphic?

Are you using the Pluggable* widgets?

Do the query and display things need to be windows?

	Display createWindow

Anyway, I've attached a little example of one window opening another.

Generally you will have a separate model class (or classes), and when model 
aspects change they will send 'self changed: #someAspect' (where #someAspect 
is different for each part of the model).

I am not doing this here just to show you how one window can open another. You 
probably don't want to have windows be their own models unless you don't have 
any more than one window displaying a particular thing at a time.

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