[BUG] FileList does not rename and does not delete some files

Boris Gaertner Boris.Gaertner at gmx.net
Tue Jan 6 19:41:51 UTC 2004

This bug report is for Squeak 3.7 alpha latest update: #5623
used on Windows 98.
VM: Squeak 3.5.1 / Tea 1.9 VM (release) from Jun 21 2003

I think that I have found a very strange thing:
The Filelist deletes some files, but it does not delete others.
For some time I thought that I use file names that do not
conform to some naming rules, but I dropped this assumption.

I think that I can say that files with suffixes '.cs' and '.st'
are not deleted. Interestingly enough, you cannot rename
such files with the FileList. However, when you rename 
a '.cs' file with the Windows explorer (and give it a
different suffix, say  'txt') , you can delete it with the

Is there an option somewhere that protects files with
suffixes 'cs', 'st' from deletion? I could not find one, 
but perhaps you know more about options?

I really do not understand this, but I find it quite

(Squeak 3.6 does not exhibit that strange

For now, my questions to the community are:
1. Can you reproduce this bug on a windows platform?
2. Can you reproduce this bug on other platforms?

Your help is much appreaciated.

Greetings, Boris

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