ask for APSL? for real this time?

Lex Spoon lex at
Tue Jan 6 20:49:57 UTC 2004

Gary Fisher <gafisher at> wrote:
> The only benefit of the perennial licensing discussion is that it demonstrates 
> that Squeak continues to attract dreamers.  Unfortunately, it also burns up 
> bandwidth (cheap) and enthusiasm (priceless) while accomplishing little of 
> value that couldn't be better dealt with via FAQ.

It is covered in an FAQ, which I linked in my first message.

> Rather than opening the can of worms which could ensue in reopening the Squeak 
> license, which would be likely to result in more rather than less restrictive 
> provisions given recent efforts to turn IP into revenue[...]

That is impossible.  Squeak is already released on Squeak-L, and that
can't be undone.

It is also pessimistic.  There are many reasons to think Apple might be
cooperative: they already open source a lot of their stuff, and they
have already attempted to open source Squeak.  Companies love to be seen
as befectors of the community, and Apple has already settled on open
sourcing as a cheap technique for doing this.


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