Berserk idleLoop in event handling?

Tim Rowledge tim at
Wed Jan 7 05:00:33 UTC 2004

It's a little hard to be sure if this is really truly happening (I'm a
bit worried it might be Heisenbug time) but at the moment it sems that
my machine is spending about half it's time in the idleloop _even_ when
it should be busy. If so, something is a bit weird.

Whilst attempting to work out why the interactive responsiveness stinks
so badly in Morphic on my machine I added some vm logging because I had
a suspicion that I must have caused the events to be checked too
infrequently. After all if it takes over a second for a keypress to
result in a new char on the screen something is wrong!

So, I had a timestamped log of when events came in, when a screen
update happened and when the idleloop prim runs. Imagine my shock to
see the latter running nearly all the time - even between a key press
and the screen update to display the char! I'm not about to delve into
the event handling loop without a native guide (you think I'm _crazy_?)
so I'm wondering if anyone has been playing in that particular poo-pit
recently and noticed anything likely to let the idleloop go loopy?


Tim Rowledge, tim at,
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