[UPDATES] 1 for 3.6

Doug Way dway at mailcan.com
Wed Jan 7 05:29:04 UTC 2004

This is the dummy Babel patch for 3.6, as discussed.  Added as an 
update for the 3.6 final stream only.

(We may want to update the 3.6 bundles on squeak.org at some point.)

- Doug

5425DummyBabelFor36-dgd -- Diego Gomez Deck -- 18 November 2003
This is a dummy Babel version added as a patch to the 3.6 final 
release.  (This patched release can be called 3.6.1.)  With this 
changeset every 'translatable' package can run.
This changeset only adds methods and should not affect any existing 3.6 

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