Mac VM 3.7.1b2 (for testing)

John M McIntosh johnmci at
Wed Jan 7 05:44:25 UTC 2004

I've pushed a Mac VM 3.7.1b2 for testing to


It contains:

Usage of Apple '-fast' uncovered a source code issue, initialization  
routines for internal jpeg plugin were not returning true or false,  
before this was kinda of considered as returning true? But when  
compiled with -fast it's zero, meaning the inialization failed, but  
that is bogus.

b) Use of "-fast" apple gcc 3.3 compiler option, improves sends by  
significant %

c) Broke high bit ascii macroman in 3.7.0bx. On EventKeyUp/EventKeyDown  
you get the UniCode On EventKeyChar you now get the UniCode->MacRoman  
translated character. For multi-byte character input you get  
EventKeyDown/EventKeyChar/EventKeyUp for each unicode character coming  
from the input sequence.

Please note that I've a 3.7.1b3 pending due to window open issue in  
os-x 10.3.2, but please try this VM
for speed/performance and correctness. OS-9 Users please note I did not  
rev the os-9 binary because these are os-x specific issues
being fixed at this time.

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