ask for APSL? for real this time?

John Pfersich jp1660 at
Wed Jan 7 06:22:12 UTC 2004

Well,  I tried to register a project at SourceForge that was to be based on
and they rejected it because they don't consider Squeak to be open source.
I don't
consider the current license to be adequate in any shape or form.  And with
kind of attitude, I'll not continue its development in Squeak.

>The only benefit of the perennial licensing discussion is that it
>that Squeak continues to attract dreamers.  Unfortunately, it also burns up
>bandwidth (cheap) and enthusiasm (priceless) while accomplishing little of
>value that couldn't be better dealt with via FAQ.
>Rather than opening the can of worms which could ensue in reopening the
>license, which would be likely to result in more rather than less restrictive
>provisions given recent efforts to turn IP into revenue, the best way to get
>Squeak onto desktops (not just menus) is to promote its capabilities in such
>a way that potential users feel a need for it.
>To do that we need, first, to build and package readily usable and compelling
>applications (not just demonstrations) for various target markets, and then
>to make them known to those markets through articles in their publications,
>presentations at their conferences, contact on their websites and so on --
>exactly the same as any other competitor for mindshare (and exactly what Alan
>and others leading the effort have been doing).  An educator or manager is
>far more likely to use a tool they've read about or seen, even if it takes a
>few clicks to install it, than some otherwise anonymous item on a Debian CD.
>The current license is more than adequate.
>Gary Fisher
>On Tuesday 06 January 2004 04:08, Cees de Groot wrote:
>> I have asked for that about a year ago and got a clear and resounding
>> 'No' as an answer from Apple.
>. . .
>> Personally, I think that any time spent talking about the SqueakL is
>> time lost. If you really want to include Squeak in Debian, for example,
>> make that fetch/install script, wrap up a .deb for it, and submit it to
>> Debian. I give you a 90% chance it will be accepted, and a 0.1% chance
>> that you will ever get Squeak under a different license.

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