Iterator with tiles (was Re: [Squeakland] Q: Leverage Overlapping Player to Etoys?)

Scott Wallace scott.wallace at
Wed Jan 7 12:25:43 UTC 2004

>(2)  With a few small changes, one can arrange matters such that a 
>player-reference tile (the kind you tear off via the orange 
>halo-handle) will forward any putative message dispatched to it via 
>#tellAllContents: on to the tile's referent.  This allows 
>player-reference tiles to function as "aliases" for the purpose of 
>scripting, as Alan suggests in the excerpt quoted below.
>With this change, one can use a Holder (or any other PasteUpMorph) 
>as a scripting iterator.  I illustrate this style in a separate 
>project, "IteratorWithTiles", which I shall attach to a separate 
>memo, rather than here, to keep memo size down...

I see that even after having separated the two, my previous email 
still got bounced, or at least delayed, by the Squeak list.  Anyway, 
attached is the "IteratorWithTiles" project.  Again, note that this 
must be loaded into a Squeakland image.


  -- Scott
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