repeating the changes to String/Symbol comparison and hashing

Craig Latta craig at
Wed Jan 7 21:07:24 UTC 2004


	I'm updating the Squat snapshot (derived from Squeak 2.2) to have the
current String/Symbol comparison and hashing behavior. (In 2.2 Strings
and Symbols were never equivalent.) Hopefully one of my fellow
archaeologists can check this... :)  What I'm doing is:

1.	install (ByteArray class)>>hashBytes:startingWith:
2.	install (Set class)>>rehashAllSets
3.	update Symbol>>=
4.	update String>>=
5.	update String>>hash
6.	remove Symbol>>hash
7.	evaluate (Set rehashAllSets)
8.	evaluate (Symbol rehash), just for grins

(Steps 3-6 are done atomically.)

	Is this correct? Was there a document somewhere that already has such



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