Clean up BFAV?

ducasse ducasse at
Thu Jan 8 08:51:39 UTC 2004

On 8 janv. 04, at 02:14, Cees de Groot wrote:

> I've been going through the backlog of BFAV, and most of the very old
> posts are either:
> - bad mails with no attachments;
> - stuff that has been fixed.
> Therefore I suggest that for everything prior to, say, Dec 31, 2002, 
> we:
> 1. Inform the original poster that this bug is going to be 
> automatically
> closed;
> 2. Close the bug.
> The idea is that if the original author thinks the bug is still
> worthwhile, he/she can resubmit it. This will let everyone concentrate
> on stuff that is actually likely to work, BFAV will operate much 
> faster,
> and in effect asks all 'affected' authors to do a review of their old
> work. I think in light of the sheer size of the backlog this is an
> entirely reasonable action.
> (an alternative would be to move the old stuff to a separate archive, 
> or
> make a special 'stalled' status you could select on).

Yeap we were thinking the same because this was bad for our moral :)

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