ask for APSL? for real this time?

Cees de Groot cg at
Thu Jan 8 08:52:22 UTC 2004

John Pfersich  <squeak-dev at> said:
>I don't think aardvarks is the correct term, jackasses or assh---s. To say
>that I'm extremely
>unpleased with sourceforge is an understatement. It took them about ten
>minutes to reject the project, and, I think, 4 weeks to reject the appeal.
>And they couldn't even tell me why  they rejected it.
<expletive deleted>, SF is providing you a service for *FREE*. And
nobody is forcing you to use it. I could not care less if they rejected
me because my left eye has a lower vision than my right eye; shrug and
move on. 

>I'm just looking for a publically accessible cvs server to store this
>project on, the successor to Pocket SmallTalk.
Now, here we're talking. SqF has a server, and we're setting up CVS on
it. And the difference between 'SqF' and 'SF' is small enough so that
no-one will notice ;-). 

I'll see what I can do - even though I've been using CVS since it was a
bunch of shellscripts around RCS, it's been a while since I setup a
server so I need to review some docs, etcetera.

>The MIT and BSD licenses has been around alot longer than the Squeak
>License.  For the most part, Squeak License is similar to these, except for
>the font part.
No, there is a (IMHO) very important extra bit, which is the requirement
that changes to the 'core' have to be published. I think that this is a
very sensible thing for Squeak, and, again IMHO, makes SqueakL (apart
from the warts) more appropriate than MIT/BSD.

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