ask for APSL? for real this time?

Andrew C. Greenberg werdna at
Thu Jan 8 13:01:24 UTC 2004

Plural licensing will not save squeak, it will kill it..  Turn the 
image into a muck of licenses, and you will in the future spend all of 
your time license-lawyering instead of coding, and no serious business 
will consider using the code, ever.  When I have time, I will (once 
more) write in greater detail why this is so.  In my view, this would 
be among the most foolish things we as a community could do.  There is 
a place for dual licensing, but it has nothing to do with image code.

If the license is untenable (and there is serious reason to doubt 
whether it is is untenable), there are really only two practical 

	1) begin rebuilding Squeak -- start with the VM.  Use Squeak to 
bootstrap a brand new, free VM.  Test by running Squeak on it.  Build a 
new system.  Have lawyers crawl all over it to assure cleanliness.

	2) negotiate with Apple

all this still begs the question -- can we reach unanimous consent on a 
new license?
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