[BUG][FIX] Missing TTCFont::maxWidth makes trouble for Connectors

Thomas A Petersen tpeterse at csc.com
Thu Jan 8 13:06:23 UTC 2004

Ned, Yoshiki, et. al,

There is a standing issue with Connectors when you have a TTCFont instance
set as the default font.  When you attempt to use a labeled arrow you get a
DNU because TTCFont does not understand maxWidth.

You can produce this bug in a stock 3.6 or latest 3.7a image by:

1.  Use SqueakMap to install Connectors.

2.  Import a font that ends up as a TTCFont instance.  I normally use
Courrier or Arial.  The Bitstream fonts from Squeakmap work too.

3.  Make some point size of your imported font the default font.  I do it
with World | appearance | system fonts | default font  and choose a 12 or
15 point size of an imported font.

4.  Now open the FSM flap and drag out a couple of states.

5.  [BUG] Next click on the directed state arrow (labeled line) and you
will get the DNU.

6.  [FIX] My solution has been to add a maxWidth method to the instance
side of TTCFont that reads:

    ^self pointSize + 1.

7.  Abandon the DNU received in step 5 and try clicking the directed state
arrow again.  You can now connect your states with a TTCFont based label.

I think there may have been some traffic on this a few months ago, but no
one seemed to do anything about it.  So here is an offering to the
community in a effort to improve the environment.

Thanks much,

P.S.  I remember being able to produce this bug in 3.4 and 3.5 as well.  So
this is a fairly old one.

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