[FIX] String>>asHtml fix

cg at cdegroot.com cg at cdegroot.com
Thu Jan 8 14:23:21 UTC 2004

String>>asHtml uses a table that is initialized by calling
Character>>isoToSqueak for various characters >128. However, isoToSqueak
has a fall-back representation for characters not representable in
Squeak's MacRoman font; these fall-back representations are then used in
the table and the result is that $2, $3, $y (and possible more) are
translated to '²', '³', 'ý'. This patch filters out any
translations that 'land' at 7bit ASCII characters so that #isoToSqueak's
fallback characters are not used in building the translation table. 

(gee, this comment is twice as long as the patch ;-))
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