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Doug Way dway at mailcan.com
Thu Jan 8 20:02:20 UTC 2004

German Morales wrote:

>It seems that ducasse wrote:
>>Please do not spend your precious time answering this email. The only
>>answer I can understand is open BFAV and comment fix enh....
>That's what I tried for some days.
>But I failed and now I'm answering your e-mail.
>Here is a list of problems I suffered:
>1. If I update my image to the lastest update, I can no longer enter
>inside my (morphic) projects, Squeak just freezes without any explanation.
>Has this happened to someone else? My not updated image (up to 5423) works
>right. One of the updates makes this strange behavior. Any idea?

It's hard to say without knowing what is in your image.

One thing we could do (on the harvesting pages) is encourage people to 
use "fresh" images when using BFAV.  If your image is heavily customized 
with various things loaded, that may affect your ability to review 
fixes/enhancements accurately.  I always keep one fresh alpha image 
around on my hard drive which I update periodically.

>2. which BFAV must be used?
>First I loaded "BugFixArchive-Model" and "BugFixArchive-UI", which worked
>right. Then I discovered "BFAV", which by the version number I think is
>the same. Then I found "BFAV2".
>I supposed that "BFAV2" is the one to be used, but it fails to load in my
>image. Actually, HTTPClient is the package that has the problem. When
>installing, it says "Error occurred during install: At least one digit
>expected here" (a message from Integer class>>readFrom:base:. Again, any
>idea of what's happening?

Yes, BFAV2 is sort of in beta mode right now, so there may be some 
confusion as to which one you should use.  I believe you can ignore that 
"one digit expected error" with BFAV2... hopefully that will be fixed 
(or at least the exception handled somehow) in the next release.  BFAV2 
seems to work well enough at this point that I would recommend using it 
instead of BFAV.

The BugFixArchive-Model and BugFixArchive-UI packages should probably 
explicity mention in their descriptions (if they don't already) that you 
should load BFAV instead.

Another thing we could do is make BFAV easily accessible from the UI 
(for alpha images at least).  It could be added as an in-image package, 
which has been suggested.  Or we could just have a link in the "open..." 
menu which loads it from SM.  (Random thought:  With SM2 we have package 
versions.  Maybe we could also have version labels or aliases or 
something such that we can load the whatever is the "stable" version of 
the BFAV package at any given point.)

- Doug

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