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Doug Way dway at mailcan.com
Thu Jan 8 20:19:25 UTC 2004

ducasse wrote:

> On 7 janv. 04, at 12:10, Markus Gaelli wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> how about sorting the submitted fixes/enhancements according to the
>> number of "made-it-to-the-image"-_reviews_ the submitter did in the 
>> last time?
>> So on the top of the todo-list one can see the fixes/enhancements of the
>> helpful people? Maybe it motivates people to help, if this increases 
>> their chance
>> that their own fixes will be reviewed sooner.
> Don't you think that this is not already somehow happening. I pay 
> extreme attention
> that people participating a lot do not get frustrated by thikning that 
> we do not take care of their work.

Yeah, I try to do this too.  (Although I haven't been reviewing quite as 
many submissions as you and Marcus.)

Still, improving the tools as Markus (with a "k") suggests can make a 
real difference.  In fact, there may not be any other ways to improve 
the situation, aside from begging for help periodically...

Also, a casual observer may see that [updates] show up periodically on 
squeak-dev, and may assume that things are progressing just fine, even 
if in reality we are progressing more slowly than we should be.  So this 
may explain some of the lack of action too.

- Doug

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