[FIX] Can't abandon sources

Dan Ingalls Dan at SqueakLand.org
Thu Jan 8 22:13:28 UTC 2004

Boris Gaertner found a bug in my first fix (had an infinite loop in some cases).
I claim this one fixes it, and Boris has tested it.

Jim Rosenberg <jr at amanue.com>  lamented...

>Ugh! I'm trying to prepare an image for distribution. When I do Smalltalk abandonSources,
>I get a walkback most of the way through the progress bar that says
>Saving temp names for better decompilation
>I've attached a debug file, I think it includes the details about my image.
>Any ideas anyone?

I attach an alternate fix for this problem, with the following properties:

1.  It requires no intervention, as before.

2.  It succeeds where the old method succeeded, and retains the same method format conventions.

2.  It should not fail where the old method failed.

3.  In the case of problem methods, it will try first to replace the last few names with t1...tN names.  This actually handles most current problems (a handful out of 7000 methods) very well. Ultimately it will bail out and all temps will decompile as t1...tN, but this will not happen for any methods in our current system, and even then it should not cause an error.

I've tested it once in both 3.6 and 3.7 and it seemed to work.  Further testing is invited.

	- Dan
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