Mudpie and Drawing

frits.swinkels frits.swinkels at
Fri Jan 9 00:03:07 UTC 2004

Following is a quote from the SM Mudpie description:

0.5 - Lots of helper methods, including simple interface to create
Connectors diagrams, and .dot diagrams (for graphviz). 

0.42 - This version can create cool drawings of the interdependencies
between modules, using Ned''s Connectors (which need to be loaded).

I fail to see the code that does any connecting to Connectors. I looked
at most methods; what am I supposed to look for?

My Mudpie installation was marked 5.2 and Connectors 1.9 (on the latter,
what joy, a real and spectacular tutorial; for that matter, Mudpie has
good code fragments to try out).

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