ask for APSL? for real this time?

goran.krampe at goran.krampe at
Fri Jan 9 16:30:03 UTC 2004

Hi all.

"Andrew C. Greenberg" <werdna at> wrote:
> To be clear.  It is my conclusion (a considered view of a seasoned
> intellectual property attorney) that plural licensing will kill the
> project and make it absolutely impossible to make changes in the
> future.  Nothing I wrote here undercuts that conclusion.  Please, for
> G-d's sake, don't do it.

Ok, I have no real hope of you actually responding to what I write - you
don't seem to really bother, but I would like to quote one of your
earlier posts in the matter:

"I believe that we could survive with a communal understanding to 
release all of our code under Squeak-L, or a more liberal license, dual 
licensed with Squeak-L understanding that it gets viraled into Squeak-L 
when thrust into the image."

I can only assume that you don't feel the same today then.

> In the real world, you don't want technicians to make legal decisions
> regarding the licensing of their code.

This is the "open source" world where both companies AND individuals are
When an individual is the author, typically making something in his
spare time, he will simply have to do as best he or she can. This isn't
the corporate world Andrew, we are simply forced to make these decisions

I am the author of *my* code and I bloody well *will* decide how I
license it.

> Whether code is derived or not 
> is not a trivial issue, and certainly not a trivial issue if litigation

I would seriously hope that if I write an app in Squeak without touching
the existing classes - just using them, then that app is clearly
*according to Squeak-L* not a derived work of Squeak itself. If that is
not so then PLEASE tell us, because I assume many of us would like to
know that.

> of any kind is implicated in a business decision.  Having dual
> licensing will yield little or no advantage, and may give rise to
> later-insurmountable problems that could be resolved now if we
> responded promptly.

I think this is the last time I will ever bother to respond to you
Andrew because I am so fed up with trying to discuss something with you
when you only respond to pieces that you pick at your leisure, or simply
not bother to respond at all.


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